Atlantic Gaming Desk Review

Atlantic gaming desk reviewAtlantic gaming desk is the first choice for PC gamer’s because of it’s unique features as well as style. It’s really great atlantic gaming desk considering the cost. As an enthusiastic game lover, you can concern about the equipment which allows you to enjoy your gaming time more preciously. Organizing your all of the gaming consoles and other gaming equipment is very much important to enjoy your gaming time.

And for this, the best way to keep all of your important gaming consoles and equipment’s to get a super quality gaming desk such Atlantic gaming desk. This types of gaming desk will help you to maintain all of your gaming equipment’s preciously as well as helps to keep your gaming room more organized.

So, are you really looking to enhance your personal gaming experience to get a super and exclusive gaming desk? If you are decided to buy a high quality and upper graded gaming desk for your gaming room, you can choose Atlantic brand’s products.

When it comes to buy a gaming desk, then we highly recommended the Atlantic brand because of getting zero percent trouble free gaming experience.

Though, This Atlantic brand has huge product collections, today we have planned to make a discussion and buying guide for Atlantic gaming desk so that you can know all pros and corns about the high quality Atlantic gaming desk.

Atlantic Gaming Desk for Pc Review

Atlantic gaming desk

The Atlantic gaming desk is lightweight enough and even a women can easily move anywhere. There are a super faux laminate which was made by the carbon fiber on the top surface and the sides of the gaming desk. The faux carbon fiber laminate made it pleasant to touch and it will be very easy to keep clean cause there is no sharp edges. Some important features of this desk are showing in below.

  • There are many reasons that encourage us to recommend you choosing the Atlantic gaming desk, the most important features are pointed out in below.
  • There is a nice cable management system in the desk, so you don’t need spend your time to manage cables and for that you can enjoy hassle free gaming experience.
  • This gaming desk is fit for 27 inch flat monitor, and can take pressure up to 40 lbs. that’s great!
  • Atlantic gaming desk made with the silver metallic steel that’s nice to see as well as durable.
  • Now comes to the top and side bars of the desk, there used nice flux carbon fiber which make it more pleasant to touch. And you can keep clean easily because of this carbon fiber laminate.
  • There is a charging station that allows you to charge multiple mobile or cell phone at a time. So, you don’t need to worry about the charging of your mobile, tab or laptops when you are playing.
  • For keeping speaker, you get a speaker tray with Atlantic gaming desk.
  • Storage Drawer with the gaming desk will allows you to store you other gaming accessories nicely.
  • There is also a gaming storage rack which helps you to keep all of your CD and DVD here.
  • Monitor stand allows you to keep monitors preciously on the desk that ensures you to play without any trouble.
  • There are also 2 hooks for keeping your controllers here.
  • There is a nice power strip holder features that is really nice and rear.
  • After end of gaming, you can keep your headphone in the headphone hook.
  • For keeping drinking cup, there is also a cup holder.
  • Most importantly, this Atlantic gaming desk helps you to enhance your gaming experience without any hassle.

Why we recommended to select this Atlantic gaming desk

Atlantic gaming desk will help you to organize all of your gaming accessories and enhance your PC gaming experience. It also help you to enhance the beauty of your gaming room because of it’s ultra modern look that is really awesome to see.

There are eight accessory attachments in the Atlantic gaming desk that allows you to keep your other gaming equipment’s close to your hand. The gaming desk help you to charge your mobile phone, and at a time you can charge multiple mobile.

  • More Space

Atlantic gaming desk

More surface area is really important for game lover and getting the real gaming experience. And extra space will allow you to keep organized your gaming room. For keeping touch all of your gaming accessories, you need more space. Atlantic gaming desk allows you to keep all gaming consoles together when you need you can easily get these.

This gaming desk has bust space to organize you all gaming equipment. Such as, there is storage drawer to keep your accessories here, a game storage rack, headphone hook to keep your headphone here, cup holder to keep your drinking cup or glass here, 2 controller hooks to keep your gaming controller here.

  1. Assembled Product Dimension: 40.25 inches (H) x 26.75 inches (W) x 25 inches (L)
  2. Drawer Interior Space: 1.5 inches (H) x 15 inches (W) x 8.75 inches (L)
  3. Knee Space: 27 inches (H) x 49 inches (W) x 26.5 inches (L)
  4. TV Stand: 6.25 inches (H) x 15.5 inches (W) x 7 inches (L)
  5. Leg of the Desk: 29.5 inches (H)
  6. Speaker Brackets of Desk: 4.25 inches x 5 inches
  7. Work Surface of Desk: 40 inches x 23.5 inches

So, to get hassle free gaming experience you should consider the space of gaming desk before select. And considering more space, the Atlantic gaming desk is really great modern gaming desk to buy.

  • Accessibility

Atlantic gaming desk

To buy a gaming desk, you should also consider it’s accessibility. Like some desk have big shelves and drawers and some have small shelves and drawers, you should keep this in your mind to the accessibility of the gaming desk when you are looking to buy. As we recommended Atlantic gaming desk have great accessibility with it’s perfect size drawers and other storage facilities.

Storage capacity of Atlantic gaming desk

  1. A laptop
  2. 2 controllers
  3. 5 games
  4. 2 speakers
  5. A headphone
  6. A large drink glass
  7. A wire storage drawer to keep pens, papers and other important things

So, when you are going to choose the gaming desk for best gaming experience then you must have to consider the factors of accessibility; and you also can choose the Atlantic gaming desk because of it great storage capacity.

  • Cable Management

Sometime, cable conundrum creates problem when you sit for playing game. When you have extra multi device setup, it will create more problems. So, to manage the extra cables, there is a finishing touch which helps to turn a chaotic looking space to an organized looked. Desk inserts which is rubber and plastic grommet will help users to manage cables properly. You also can find out some desk with the power bar that also helps to manage cable conundrum.

Considering the cable management system which helps you to remove the problem of cable conundrum, Atlantic gaming desk is great to choose.

  • Style of Atlantic Gaming Desk

A well designed desk will help you to enhance your gaming experience. Here, sometime fold out tables are looking good. But there is something lacking to sit down a flimsy gaming desk when it is time to serious gaming. You can consider the gaming room where you play to select the style. But keep in mind that the style of the gaming desk is very much important to great gaming experience.

The Atlantic gaming desk is looking ultra modern furnish gaming desk. As a standard gaming desk many people choose this cause of it modern style which helps you to enhance the beauty of your gaming room.

We recommended Atlantic gaming desk cause it allows you to keep you gaming room clean. It is much more stylish gaming desk than any other desk in market. This is really nice looking gaming desk at present market.

  • Considering Health Issue

Ergonomics is very important and should consider this issue when you are the regular PC gamer. For taking care of your posture and body you should owe a right gaming desk as well as right chair. Sometime the distraction of pain is happen when you sit long time in the front of PC. And for considering the health issue, there we need to choose the suitable desk with perfect height. When you discuss about the health issue, the body material of the desk is also considering matter. Such as, making desk with the silver metallic steel is good for health rather than iron made desk.

Considering health issue, you can try the Atlantic gaming desk cause it made with the silver metallic steel which is not harmful for health and your skin.

And the Carbon fiber was used on the surface and side of the desk that is easy to clean. You can easily remove dust from your desk and on the way you can keep away your skin from dust.

The distance of the TV/display of computer is another important issue. If you don’t sit in the perfect distance from your computer screen, it can be harmful for your eyes. There is a accurate distanced TV stand in Atlantic gaming desk which made considering the gamers eye’s health and make sure the excellent gaming experience.

  • Durability of the Desk

Durability is another important issue which should consider when you select a gaming desk to get long term benefits from it. There are many desks in market, some desks made from wood, some desks made from plastic, some desks made from iron, some desks made from iron, even sometime some desks made from the combined elements.

When you are really looking for the durability of the gaming desk, then we recommended you to look at the Atlantic gaming desk which made from steel-rod construction (silver metallic steel). That looks very great for long time use.

  • Beautiful and sturdy

The Atlantic gaming desk is really nice looking and well built. The carbon fiber looks too amazing. You can take decision what to leave out and what to install. The desk enhances the beauty of your gaming room.

The gaming desk helps you to keep all of your gaming video gaming equipment in one place where easy to use these. Providing hassle free and years of enjoyment this Atlantic gaming desk is the first choice of the most passionate gamer.

Pros and Cons of the Atlantic Gaming Desk

The gaming desk is the gamer first choice because there are more positive aspects to purchase the desk rather the negative side.


  • Very Sturdy
  • Simple, elegant and look pretty
  • Small footprint
  • Personal customization facility
  • Solid, organized and perfect
  • Great value of money
  • More storage facility
  • Steel rod construction for ensuring durability


Honestly, we are not looking the negative sides of the product. Really, none so far! If something arises in future then we will keep updated.

Factors Need to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Desk

Most important question arises that is how you win to buy a gaming desk. There are some factors that you have to consider if you want to get your appropriate gaming desk for the best gaming experience. After seeing the factors, it will be helpful to make appropriate decision that which one meet your requirements. So, let see the below considering factors.

Max TV Screen Size and Weight

Always you should remind the size of your TV screen and weight before buying a gaming desk. When you go to buy a desk and you don’t care about your screen size and weight then it will be created hazard situation for you.

Suppose, you owed a 32” Samsung LED with the weight is 40 lbs then you should looking for the same level gaming desk. So, when you go to buy a gaming desk keeping in mind about your own TV screen size and weight.

Games or Controller Held and Consoles Held

In market, many gaming desk have specific space to keep games CV/DVD and Controllers. The games and controller held is good to enhance the beauty of your gaming room as well. So, when you go for buying a gaming desk then you also can consider the factor.

Sometime, there are also space for gaming consoles held in desk, such as 3 consoles held, 4 consoles held etc. You also can consider this factor, but fairly it’s not too much important if there is extra drawer for keeping gaming consoles.

Guitars or Headphones Held and Speakers Held

Gaming headphone is very important gaming equipment to increase the excitement of gaming. So, in gaming desk, there should be a specific space for keeping gaming headphones/guitars. We suggest to choose a gaming desk like atlantic gaming desk with guitars or gaming headphones held, because it is not only save the place but also enhance the beauty of gaming room.

Sometime, you would like to play game with the sound comes from speakers. And for this, some of the modern gaming desks have the specific space for your speakers. You also can remind this factor when you go to purchase a desk for gaming.

Multi Mobile Charging Station

In gaming desk, there is also mobile charging station to charge your mobile phone, tab or laptop. We also found in our research some gaming desks without mobile charging station and some are only one or two charging station. But it seems good if you find at least three or more than three mobile charging station in a gaming desk.

So, multi mobile charging station is an important part of any gaming desk, therefore you should remember this issue when you go for buying a gaming desk for you.

Power Strip Basket

It will be good if you get power strip basket with your selected gaming desk which helps you to hide your power strips as well as cables under your gaming desk. It also helps to increase the beauty of your gaming room and allows you to enjoy your gaming time with full of relax.

Though power strip basket helps you to hide power strips and cables, we don’t think that is too important if there is nice cable management system with your gaming desk.

Construction Material

There are many gaming desks in market; some are made with wood, plywood, steel, rod, sliver metallic etc. In our analysis, we found that the silver metallic finished desk is very popular to the modern gamer. You can also use plywood made gaming desk that also popular at present.

We recommended you to select the steel rod construction gaming desk. Because this types of desk is more durable and looking great to see.

Previous Customer’s Review and Pricing

Previous customer’s experience about the product is very important factor to select the high quality product. When you are looking for buying something like gaming desk, you must consider the experience of previous buyers that the product could satisfy the previous buyers or not.

Suppose, you want to buy Atlantic gaming desk from Amazon, you also can see the previous customer’s reviews. If you get many positive reviews about the product then you would be sure that the product quality is high. Then you can go to the action to buy the product.

Pricing is most important factor for buying something. It is said that high valued product is maintained high price. But, sometime you also will get the quality product in reasonable price, and for that you should keep your eyes open and need a lot of focus on product details.

Cable Management System

Cable conundrum is very much problematic matter for gamer. Extra cable on your desk is also very disappointed and it can be created dangerous situation when you are playing game. If your gaming desk has good cable management system then it will be added value of your gaming experience.

So, when you are looking to buy a gaming desk for your gaming room, you should keep in mind about the cable management system of the gaming desk.

Storage Facilities

Storage facility of a gaming desk is very important factor. It is too much considerable matter when you are going to select a desk as a gaming purpose. Because as an enthusiastic gamer, you have lots of gaming equipment and consoles, and you need a proper system or place to keep all gaming consoles in proper way.

And for the purpose of storing the gaming consoles, you should keep eyes about the storage facilities of any gaming desk to buy. Because proper storage facilities of a desk not only allow you to organize your gaming consoles or equipment but also help you to keep your gaming room clean and beauty.

Durability and Product Warranty

Durability of the gaming pc desk depends upon many factors, like which material was used for making the gaming desk. A long durable gaming desk will give you long term benefits. Choosing the proper gaming desk according to your TV screen size-weight and other’s gaming consoles are also concerning matter for the durability of the desk.

So, when your select a gaming desk to buy, you can consider this factor. Also you can see the product warranty from manufacturer to ensure a specific time period performance.

Final Word:

Hopefully this review about the Atlantic gaming desk will have provided you the information of insight as you what expect if you decided to buy this. We analyzed this product deeply and showing you the product key features.

We think this review is helpful for you to get deep knowledge about the product and find out the answer of your question that why you should choose the Atlantic gaming desk.

Obviously, you should look into the whole product details with lot more focus if you really considering buying Atlantic gaming desk for your gaming sessions.


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